hoopstr by Ledge Lounger


Courtside is Poolside

  • For Water Depths of 0-9″
  • High-End Poolside Fun
  • Durable Design
  • Comes With Ball and Hand Pump
  • 2-3 week lead time


Shoot, score, splash! Gather the family for some friendly competition and get ready to shoot hoops in style. Designed for water depths of 0-9 inches, this basketball hoop will add excitement to your backyard, whether you place it on the ledge, coping, or grass.

Featuring wheels for easy repositioning and a built-in storage spot for the ball, Hoopstr offers a convenient way to get games going by the pool. Set it up with just a few simple steps and prepare to play for years to come.


Our team of award-winning designers obsesses over every detail with your best poolside experience in mind. Every aspect of this swimming pool basketball hoop, from materials to durability and functionality, meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Game-Ready Ball Storage SpaceScoring is easy when your ball is always within reach. It’s securely stored front and center, in its own nesting space. Grab it and get the game going right away.

UV20 Rated ResinRated to withstand up to 20,000 hours of direct sunlight without fading, for years of picture-perfect memories.

Stainless Steel Hardware

With stainless steel screws holding everything in place, you’ve got sturdy support that won’t let you down. Resistant to rust and corrosion, you can rely on your in-pool basketball hoop for years to come.

Easy Wheel-Out Positioning

Wherever the game takes you, you can bring your basketball hoop along for the journey. With integrated wheels, it’s not bound to one spot. Roll it around and find that perfect playing spot by your pool.

Powder-Coated Metal Rim

Resistant to scratching, chipping, and rust, you can keep shooting and scoring in style, knowing your hoop is built to withstand the test of time.

Be a Backyard Baller in the Pool or on the Patio

Place your pool basketball hoop on a ledge of up to 9” depth or on your pool’s coping and shoot from the deep end. Or, take the fun in the sun away from the water and let the kids enjoy a game on the lawn or patio.

All-Weather Resistance

This poolside basketball hoop is built to withstand sun, rain, wind, humidity, dry air, and every other element found in its environment.


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